Wow, we went from the 70s to the 30s very quickly this weekend.  The poor flowers which were blooming are probably going to lose their flowers. . . I’d hate to have that happen to the lilacs out back.  Guess I’ll just have to cut some and take them to the office tomorrow!  Not a bad idea the more I think about it. 

   I had intended to plant carrot seeds but I think I’ll wait until the temperature warms a bit more.  We did have a nice rain so the ground is quite ready for seed. 

   My sweetie isn’t feeling well.  He stayed home while I went to Mass alone.  It was odd, but gave me a chance to talk to a few folks afterward.  He isn’t the social kind like me and can’t wait to get breakfast after Mass.    Anyway, since we are having our marriage Convalidated in the Catholic Church, I asked about music and what kind of service we could have.  Lots of things to think about and decisions to be made.  We may get to have that party here we’ve been talking about since we bought the farm!

    This weekend has been somewhat quiet.  Picked up the tax documents from the ladies who take care of them for us.  Did some laundry although not as much as I could have.   We will be clothed this week at least!   I should have done more so I have time to do the important things to get the property ready for that party.  I hope it’s not a big rush at the end. . . . but it just may be the way we do things around here! 

     Hope it warms up soon!