Since we first came to the farm our herd has grown and changed plenty.   Our first heifers have babies of thier own.  We now have several bulls, plenty of ladies and five unweaned darlings 

Saturday we spent about an hour moving all the animals from the pastures they were in to other places and then some back to where they first were. . . . Troy had a plan written up for me so I wouldn’t get confused.  I didn’t really need it, but I think he was making sure he had the easiest way figured out.  And he did!  

A bit of background:  We have three pastures; one in front of the house and two in back.  The two in back are about the same size as the front but they are split.  We have one 70 X 70 weaning pen with a shelter.  The swing gate and head gate are attached to the weaning pen. 

 1.     Boys all move from the right back pasture to the left back pasture.                          

 2.     Move remaining animals into the weaning pen.                                                               

 3.     Move Lowline females to the right back pasture.                                                

 4.     Move the Lowline females to the front pasture.                                                   

5.     Move Buzz the Lowline bull into the front pasture with the ladies!  

6.     Separate the Dexter females and move them to the right back pasture.     

7.     Leave the babies in the weaning pen! 

      In case you think it was a struggle. . . .believe me, it wasn’t so bad for the two of us to accomplish.  These animals are food motivated and love the feed that they are given.  It took 2 bages of feed and about an hour to accomplish.   Okay, okay . . . .he already had steps 1 and 2 completed before I got out there. . . but I had to put the dishwasher on and get a load of laundry into the dryer before I left the house. ..   (He does worry about that because it’s done for him! We won’t go there today)

So the most difficult part of that was getting Buzz to the front pasture.  He didn’t know he was going to get a harum out of the deal!  I think he was not happy about initially being separated from his “boys” even though he and Mack agree that Mack is The Man!   It took waht seemed like a half hour to get him to willingly walk to the front pasture.  We didn’t put anyone on a halter to do this. . .

And I did not get pictures. . . .bummer huh?  It’s hard enough to manage gates and the Gator and feed without dealing with an extra item. . . .  Another time perhaps!