To the three readers I know of. . . please forgive my writing break.  Or should I say writing block?  It’s very possible.  Things get hectic when all the vegetables begin ripening at the same time. And the heat then gets to me. We have had almost a month of over 90 and 100 degree days. And if I don’t harvest every two days the tomatoes begin to rot right there.  It’s shameful!
These are what I think are called “dog days”. Although I think that has more to do with an astrological phenomenon than the temperature. Canis Major is visible at this time of year. . . .look it up.
So I hibernate and get lazy this time of year. . . of course it’s not always this time of year that I am lazy. . . but it is one of them!   Well we are bothe still working full-time and I have now picked up a new hobby. I took a quilting class and enjoyed it immensely.  I finished a small lap quilt and will post a picture soon.

I know this is short, but beleive me I have plenty of things to write about.  .  .  I’ll just have to sit down and gather thoughts.  Please be patient  I’ll be back!