but no. . . here I am blogging about things which are running through my head.
I got home  from work today and checked e-mail and face book just like I do almost every day. I tried to go to one of my previously favorite blogs DMVs wife. But now one has to be invited to be a reader so I’ll never know what is going on in her life. . . . A few years ago her husband a local veterinarian was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a way I’m sure of coping with the pain, illness from treatment and getting by from day-to-day. He was in remission after a few years. Maybe she felt it was time to make is a subscription. . . I don’t know I just am a bit disappointed that I can’t visit someone I thought of as a neighbor any more. . . I guess this is a lesson that the virtual world is not as different from the real world as I thought. . . . .  The new “normal” is all about security.

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since America was attacked by madmen. . .  My sisters and I had celebrated our oldest sisters birthday in NYC on the 1st of Sep nearly two weeks prior. . . . I was concerned when she sent an e-mail telling me to get to a phone as quickly as possible. . . . she mentioned a plane and the Twin Towers. . . I figured it was a small one which had mistakenly flown off course.

I was able to get to a television just a minute before the second plane hit the other Tower.   Some of you know who I work for and I was working there that day. . . . The military post was in shock and some folks scrabbled to secure the base.  We tried to work, but were glued to events as much as we could afford to be.   Once the day ended we knew that our world had changed and not for the better. . . . It was nearly impossible to get to work the next day.

But we have adjusted to the new “normal” until things change again. . . . We have since purchased this farm and moved from a gated retirement community to a rural patch of land.  We can grow a bit of our own food and be a little less dependant on others for our sustenance.

We were not touched directly by the attacks on 9-11, but we will always remember what those jihadists started. . . They should be aware that although we don’t have the strongest leaders now, America is still the same country. . . . we will stand together against criminals such as those.  We will always remember those we lost and the bravery of those who survived.

Things on the farm don’t change as quickly as in the “big” city. . . and of all things which are, our God is always the same. . . .  Our relationship with Him is the most important thing which can be. . . . It should be our focus and all will be well. . . .