I went North to look at and coordinate work on a condominium we own in Maryland.  The previous tenants didn’t care how they left it.  As I walked through I wondered more than once if they knew where to buy cleaning products.  How can anyone treat someone else’s property like that?  It was somewhat painful to see.  I was in tears more than once.

But I do think that with a few coats of paint, new carpet, flooring, new appliance and cleaning it will be ready for real caring tenants to rent.   I will engage a rental agent to check on it on occasion.  The difficulty was the distance.  It will be worth having a local company who will manage it for us.  We have a good amount of equity in it and we’d like to keep it for a while longer.

Other than that.  I visited with a lady who has lived on the second floor since we first bought.  She is a delight and has her son living with her now.  He’s probably my age and had been through a bad divorce and was unemployed for a while.  He is as nice as she is and was very helpful in obtaining access to an inner storage area.  The train ride both ways was, as always, interesting and fun.   I made a new friend who I hope will call me and come see the farm.  If not I can visit her at the local thrift shop in Southern Pines.  I can imagine the nice things at a place like that!  The people who donate to that thrift shop probably have the best things!

It is always great to be back home, isnt’ it?  This is the fall season and I should be planting the winter garden next week.  I hope to be back to blogging about real farm things. . . . thank you for bearing with me as I had this change of pace!  See at the fence for our next  “issue”!