Wow, October was the month for baby births on Smiling J Farm . . . . Our first one was born before dawn on the 18th. . . . That was Reba who was born of Martina. You can see her in the first picture. She’s a little spit-fire!  She’s less than a month old and she can outrun her Momma.  She thinks it’s a game to get Tina to chase her.  Poor Tina, she is trying to be a good mother. . . I just hope that Reba is a good teenager!

Momma Tina and Baby Reba!

Then later in the month (I think the 8th)  Brown Sugar gave birth to a dun-colored baby. I awoke to hear her in labor . . . This baby is the spitting image of her so we were hoping it was a girl.  I called it Cinnamon because of its coloring and resemblance to Sugar.  But as it turns out Cinnamon is a boy.  I just hope he doesn’t have a complex about the name.   All we need is a bull/steer who needs therapy!

He is a healthy boy and loves to run with Reba.  He’ll let her start, but he gets up and runs with her just the same.  Babies are so fun to watch.  Even when they are sleeping with momma.

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon and "Auntie" Gretchen



Cinnamon and Sugar!

The next morning was a Saturday and we were concerned about In the Pink our first-time mother.   There are twins in her heritage so we were concerned about what to do if she got into trouble.  We have not had that happen yet and made sure to watch her.  It was after dawn when she showed us signs she was in labor.  She must have been for a while because it was before 10:00 that her baby was born.   The weather had turned chilly so I was worried when they took their time getting up and about.   Pink has a little black heifer and I have named her Licorice.

In The Pink and Licorice

So there we have them.  Three babies all born within 10 days of each other.  I am glad they should be immunized before the weather gets too cold.  And they should be pretty well-developed before they are weaned in the early spring.   Seeing the world a-new as they do makes living on the farm fun.  Ooooh, baby!           Cinnamon and Sugar!