This is my buddy Thomas. . . not his best picture I must say. He is in desperate need of a bath and hasn’t been combed in a few days. He’s a good country dog though. If we are outside he’ll wander around the lot and enjoy the benefits of being a country dog. . .. those little dried nuggets which fall off the tractor wheels that were once cow manure. . . are now cow manure tasty treats.  And he loves to roll in whatever the neighbor cats leave for him.   Not forgetting another bit of fun is finding anything dead and lolling about in it too. . . .

But he is a fun dog who loves life with us. .. . English Springer Spaniels think that life is one big party and it’s all there just for them!   I have worked with the English Springer rescue America for a number of years and think its a good cause to donate to.  One of our Facebook friends was selling these “Span-dannys” online and I just couldn’t resist getting one for Thomas.  Isn’t it handsome?

If you want one let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the lady who makes them.   It provides love, shelter and hugs to all Springer Spaniels who are rescued!