January 2012

We have dressed the sewing room up a bit so it is more comfortable and inviting not just for me, but for any and all visitors.   Comfy means I will spend more time out there of course and be more productive.   And inviting means I may have a visit or two from a friend or neighbor or even my DH.  The wall decals were an idea which are sort of fun, no?   Behind the quilt frame is my first quilt.  It’s a wall hanging with a John Deere theme.  I made it for my husband who has allowed me to place it here until I have another to display.  Isn’t he the best?

We have a radio which will provide a bit of entertainment and will allow me to pass the time better.  After working in a noisy open office with phones ringing and conversations everywhere it can be hard to work in the quiet of a small farm.   But I promise not to blare it so loud as to annoy a neighbor.  It would have to be really loud to do that!

Anyway, here are pictures for your enjoyment.  You’ll note that we have a nice platform rocker for you to enjoy while you visit and chat as I sew.  I’ll have to add a few magazines and books for perusing.  The pot belly stove is not a working stove but will be a nice place for my hot iron to rest as it cools after use (before it is carefully put away, of course).

I am still working on how to use the shelves so please ignore my disorder.   I’m not a very organized person to begin with so this is going to be a challenge.  Perhaps I can find cloth baskets to put current projects in on the shelves.  I think they can live on the bottom two shelves and books etc on the top one.  The books will have to share the space with the iron since it is too big to store in the ironing board cabinet.  Oh my I didn’t get a picture of that. . . . oh well another day perhaps.

Well I hope you like our improvement.  It took quite a while but I think it’s finally done.  With one or two little additions. . . maybe a very small refrigerator and a small cozy cushion for Thomas.  I saw a really cute idea for one I can make out of towels and batting!

I also believe that this poor door needs some attention.  Perhaps I can paint it and use it as a bulletin board!  It’s not big enough to be a design board but it would do in a pinch for ideas and color auditions. . . don’t you think? 

Stop by and see  us as we sew off into the sunset!


One of the gifts my husband bestowed on me this Christmas was his office. It was going to be his “man-cave”, a place he could go to and watch television or work on a project if he wanted to. But  on Christmas Eve, he woke up and told me it was mine as a sewing room.  Can you believe that he gave it to me as his gift? Isn’t he just the best husband?

Anyway It needed to be finished inside.  So after he put the walls up I painted them.  He also wanted to put up trim around the windows and put up crown molding.  He wanted this room to looked welcoming and finished.  I couldn’t feel more special!   Anyway, I painted molding and he cut and installed it. It’s his first time at tackling this kind of room and I think he’s done a great job!

Actually I painted the whole room twice since I hated the first color.  The “pretty” blue/gray color ended up looking baby blue on the wall. . . It made the small room look smaller and dark.  But look at it now!   Isn’t this daisy yellow cheery?

Once the walls were done, we had to tackle the sewing table and the Quilt frame. .. “Santa” was too good to me this year!    We took our time and neither of us used a bad word during the entire process.  I am proud of that fact…. Funny   how reading the directions (even as poorly as they are usually written) will help when one is engaged in “some assembly required”!

Why is it that the manufacturers assume you understand what they mean when they say left and right. . . Is that when you are looking at or behind the item?  Is that when it’s still upside down?  Anyway, we only had to take the sewing table apart twice to get all the parts in the right place!

The quilt frame was not as difficult to put together.  The instructions were easy to read. . . . I’m hoping that putting the fabric on and actually quilting will be easy too!

Thomas even got involved in our project!  I’ll have to make a soft spot for him and a place for a water bowl. .. . just in case he’d like to spend time with his Mommy in her new “woman-cave”! ! ! ! 

It will be a great place to do some quilting.  I can’t wait to use it.  Stop by some time and let me show you around the farm.    We can give the cows the “cookies” they like and say hello to the horses next door.  We can take our time and finally wander into the cabin.  And you can sit in the cozy chair and listen to the radio with me and chat while I sew. .. you might even be able to show me a few quilting secrets of yours!