Okay Okay I’ve been absent from my blog for far too long!  Please forgive . . . . or NOT and see where it will get you!!!  LOL I’m just kidding.

So my hubby had a knee replaced in January just at the time I also caught a bad cold. . . . so we were both out of it for a while. . . He’s doing great and doesn’t go back to the doc until July!

I’ve applied and have been approved for retirement in July of this year!  isn’t that exciting. . . Perhaps I’ll have more time to “talk” with my blog-osphere friends. . . . I may have to get rid of that danged Face Book account though. . . or learn to stay off of it so much!

I have not gotten the garden planted because we have a group of girls coming to visit and help us with that.  They are a troop of American Heritage Girls .  Ages vary at elementary and middle school ages. . . .I hope to teach them a bit about seed starting and have them plant a seed in a pot to take home.   That would be after we rake a bit and plant our garden!

There will be beans and tomatoes, zucchini and cabbage. . . I think we’ll plant lettuce and radishes directly in the ground too.  Will post pictures after it’s done!