We will NEVER forget . . . May the Souls of those lost Rest in Peace

So I have retired. . . . It’s been almost two months now.  But I still laze about in bed while my husband gets up and starts his day.  He is so sweet to let the dog out and feed him early.  I have been getting up, having a cup of tea and making him a lunch to take with him to work.   It also helps him limit his food in-take (more on that later).

As the days go on, I am attempting to establish a pattern to my life.  It’s something I have thought about long and hard.  After over 40 years of someone else defining my schedule based on school or work responsibilities, I have to define my own schedule.  It feels liberating, but also it’s somewhat overwhelming.  Time is an asset that I’ve never been good at managing on my own.  Even as an employee, I could dawdle with the best of them.  Of course any deadlines were made as required, but there was always time to do what was needed.

So I’m now using a planner to make sure I remember events, appointments and things to do.  At the office I would use one for basically the same thing.  But now I set my own deadlines, schedule my own appointments and define my own things to do.   How to do that when one can be distracted by another free Big Fish game or a great old movie on the television, is a challenge for me.

There are larger goals:  Each holiday has its own traditions, a trip to DC for a political event, a fun vacation trip is planned and a longer boat cruise on our own boat must be planned.   But the day-to-day responsibilities and expectations to fill them are now for some reason, difficult to fulfill. . . .  I wonder why I allow myself to be distracted. . .  so far this is my mystery.

If I have any readers, perhaps you have suggestions, ideas as to how to resolve this issue. … okay Mary get your butt up and just Do It!!!  yeah, yeah, I know but do I HAVE to???  Just writing that makes me laugh.


Okay so now I change the subject. .. . since I have been married I have slowly and steadily gained a significant amount of weight.  My husband has too.  It’s gotten to the point where we have decided to join Weight Watchers.  It’s been less than a week and I am amazed at how much better my joints feel.  I can sit for a while and then in standing, I’m not as stiff as I was last week.   I know that since I retired my finger nails are growing better, but this is even better.  It’s probably the lower amount of sugar I am NOT eating.  And actually Troy started a day before I did.  But the fact that he is doing this with me is truly a support.   We are always a good Team and I know that we will reach our goals together.

Let me hear from you faithful readers!  I’d like to hear if there are any of you reading my words.  Perhaps my blog will help someone else adjust to retirement. . . . and maybe Weight Watchers!