The question should be why have you not been blogging? I have no excuse really. I have more time on my hands since retiring, but I am not good at managing time.

I did finish two quilts before Christmas and should have pictures to post, but I will do that sometime. . . My Mom was always saying I should be better at “finishing what you begin”.   She was right, I not good at that.  It is like this blog.  I don’t write enough on it.

Well there is a bit of an update I have for all my blog readers (all three of you!). . .. . we have sold all our cattle.   Yes we are beginning to transition into a different part of life for us.  All this farm stuff would have lasted much longer for us if we had begun earlier in our lives.  But alas, my husband is now ready for retirement himself and the best way for us to enjoy it is to allow someone else to have the cattle and raise the calves.   We may be able to keep one of the bulls for our own freezer.

But then our next phase of life will be enjoyed on the water aboard our boat, Gilraker.  You can follow some of our adventures in the blog that is listed at the left side of this blog.

We may still keep our 10 acre farm; our small “piece of America” to rest between our adventures.  Hopefully we can find someone to lease the pastures for their animals.  Maybe I’ll have a bigger garden next year; who knows. . … It will be fun to see!

But Troy has less than 120 days left to retirement and we are looking at various options.  This is just one more step closer to that next phase of our lives. .. . . .I wish all the best to you, my “friends”.  Please do follow us at Gilraker’s Adventures.