This year since we have sold most of the cattle we are trying a new version of a raised bed garden.    We no longer need them for feeding cattle, so instead of letting them go to waste we thought we’d use them for something good for the farm!

We have moved all of them to where the old garden was and put sand in the bottoms and then added compost to them.   The sand we got at a local gravel company.  The compost was available at the county and was screened.   I may have to put some kind of fertilizer on them to ensure that the veggies are well fed.

Last week I planted lettuce and broccoli in a few of them. Then in one of the larger ones I planted red potatoes. We got a huge rain during the past week so I haven’t had to water much at all. It appears that the lettuce and the broccoli are enjoying the environs quite well. I’m adding pictures to show just that. I am hoping that the rest of the plants like it as well! And I hope that the heat of the summer doesn’t kill anything. I’ll have to pay close attention to all of them.Broccoli
Last night I soaked several beans for planting today. About mid morning I planted them in two different troughs. I’ve never grown bush beans so this will be new. I really like beans a lot so I’m glad I planted two troughs of them.
While I was out I checked on the potatoes. They are growing already! I’ve never grown potatoes either so I hope they turn out well! I look forward to planting sweet potatoes too. We eat a lot of sweet potatoes around here so I really look forward to them doing well.   You can see the largest of the troughs are the ones I’ll grow the potatoes in.   I can add soil to them as they grow to encourage more potatoes..

I’ll share photos when the beans start to grow.   And when I plant tomatoes and the squash too!  I think I’ll do that on the one with the hay feeder on top.   The climbing plants will like that. . . . .