Wow, we are half through July and I don’t know where they year has gone! How did we get this far through the year and I haven’t finished what I need to do much less what I WANT to do!

My garden in ‘tubs’ hasn’t been the better garden I’ve had here on the farm.  It was a fun idea but the overabundance of rain and the bugs have caused me grief.   The tomatoes have not produced well and the beans did only for a little while.  I guess one just has to care for a garden every day to get a good end product.  I’m just a lazy gardener. . . . .

On the good side, we have had a number of red potatoes and there are a couple of watermelons still growing out there.   I’ve harvested a handful of zucchini and cucumbers this year.    The best thing we have gotten was BLUEBERRIES!   We’ve gotten a couple of quarts of the beautiful things this season.  And we planted two more bushes this year so I hope next year will be better yet.

I have frozen as many berries as I could so that I could make a cobbler or crisp from them.  When I do I’ll take a picture so I can share!

The past few weeks it seems as if all we have time to do is mow, mow, mow!   And without the cattle to enjoy the grass our pastures are just as overgrown as the ‘lawn’!   So Troy has been out thee mowing that too!     We may just have to get some more cattle just to keep from spending the diesel on the tractor!   I think Troy misses them just as much as the grass does.   So we will see what we will see.