It’s been so very hot at the farm lately. . .  I feel badly for the “moos” but I suspect they know exactly where the coolest parts of the pasture are.   Shade is a plenty under various trees and there are two watering ‘holes’ for them.    We are always happy to get a bit of rain as we can.

Leo and the girls meeting the neighbors next door

Leo and the girls meeting the neighbors next door

The above picture is several months old and they have grown quite a bit.  But I haven’t taken any recent pictures.    I know, I know.  . ..shame on me.    Well maybe next time.   If it’s not too hot. .. .and I’m out in that area. …. I don’t like the heat either!     I find my own kind of shade. ..inside, in the AC!

Let me tell you a bit about the 4 head we currently have on pasture.    Prince Leo is, appropriately, our herd bull.   He’s the man and he is a great guy.   He’ll take a cookie from you and then he’ll come looking for more!     Then we have a dun colored steer (not pictured) I have named Burger Boy.   Yes his name does intimate what his fate will be.    Per Farmer Troy, You are either making babies, having babies OR you’re freezer beef!

The other two are named on their certificates, but I just call them Ethel and Lucy. . .  We suspect that Lucy is pregnant.    But Ethel may be holding out on Leo.    That is the reason we have the two ladies. . .  to increase the herd.    They are on loan from Travis Farms in West End, NC.

The last of our herd is currently in VA.    The Prince has a step sister, Princess Leah!   We are having her bred to an Irish Dexter bull.   We hope she brings another head to our herd.   It will be good to have a nice size herd again.

More pictures the next time!    See you