We bought this piece of America in 2008, added buildings, made improvements and raised a few head of cattle.   In the past few months we have been painting, culling out ‘stuff’ for donations and moving some items to the townhouse on the coast.

Since my sweetie retired in August 2014, we have decided that working on the farm daily will ‘interfere’ with our traveling plans.    So we thought and prayed about it a while.   Then we asked a young couple we know if they would be interested in renting and living on the farm.    They thought about it and accepted!

So we are in the process of preparing the house, barns and tools for them to move in and take over.    There will be items to donate, items to move and things to take to the recycle facility.    We have already painted the office and the front run-in shed to match the red barns.   They look great from the road.     The office used to be my sewing room.

The run in shed was for the cattle.    This fall we put them all in the back pasture, let the front  grass grow high and cut it for hay.    Now we have enough hay for the entire winter (we hope).    So some of it is no stored in the run in sheds in front.   Keeps it out of the rain.    And boy have we had that this year!    More work is needed but this is a good start and it gives the farm a great curb appeal.

More later!   Happy New Year!