During the short time while we were confused about the blog and website change, Troy and I had new cabinets installed in our kitchen! Yay!
Of course before the new ones went in the old ones were torn out.

And Lo and Behold! what did we find? ? ? A mouse nest between the floor and the cabinets! 

Well as work progressed we hoped to end that issue with a spray of insullation in the place that the pipes come up from under the house.   Take that mice!   We’ll see how that works.

I love the new cabinets.  Don’t you?  There are drawer-type pull outs on each of the lower cabinets.  And there is a pantry with 4 levels of drawers in one large cabinet!  That is my favorite part. 

Once the cabinets were installed  on a Thursday and Friday the countertops folks stopped by to measure.  They came out the next Monday.   Using special “dots” posted on each corner and special area of the cabinets and a camera mounted on a pole, they used computer technology to develop the template for the counter tops.   We ordered them in a solid surface similar to corian.  They are a beige-ish with yellow, and black flecks.   It looks very nice with the floors, don’t you think?