Ah life is good. . . the sun shone  brightly most of the day.  But boy has it been windy! 

        DH bought more round bales and because the trailer held only so much e had to make two trips for it.   For some strange reason he gave the cattle a lot of stock feed today.   We have them separated into two herds now.  Boys and girls with their babies.  So each of them got a 50 bag of feed!  Dang I bet they were really happy to see him! 

        Lately I have been helping out at the local community college on weekends.  They are just starting a Sustainable Agriculture course during the days.  Unfortunately I cannot attend yet, but I took a number of non-credit courses from them and the instructor knows I want to learn more.   So he has asked the school if he could hire me to help on weekends.  The young plants and just seeded ones need daily water and the school is closed on weekends.  Since I’m less than 10 minutes from the school and it doesn’t take long.  I don’t mind and maybe I’ll get a little bit of the harvest!    One thing I also learn is how he has them plant their veggies, fruit trees, etc.    And it will keep my fingers in the class so once I retire I can slide into class easily!    

     In our own late garden,  I harvested some fresh broccoli last week and it was great!  I love it really fresh.   we should plant more next fall!  I hope that this batch still lives a while longer so we can get another harvest from it! 

     We have a short trip we are taking and when we return I’ll be planting the seeds for our veggie garden.   I hope to have a few different things this year to include luffahs and pole beans.  I also hope to plant more of the things we’ve had before!