I love working in the garden in the spring.  Maybe it’s because it’s so hot in the summer.   Trees are beginning to look good, with new leaves and flower buds.   The Pin or Chokecherry Trees are going to be full this year.  Last year they were almost bare of fruit.  this must be a good year for them!  I wonder if I can make jam from them?  Hhhhmmm. 

I cleaned up the front flower bed and planted more lavender.  I just love lavender!  It smells so good and it very easy to care for. .. in other words it’s not much work to keep! 

The vegetable garden is all but ready.  I have carrot seeds down and they are germinating.  I also put some lettuce and cabbage in.   Hopefully I’ll get more in later in the weekend.  I have seeds of those both germinating also. 

Tuesday I got the peppers in the ground.  There are green, yellow, red and jalepenos.   The last ones are for my husband.  I hope he appreciated that. . . I cannot eat them! 

I hope to get the beans in this weekend.


Wow, we are half through July and I don’t know where they year has gone! How did we get this far through the year and I haven’t finished what I need to do much less what I WANT to do!

My garden in ‘tubs’ hasn’t been the better garden I’ve had here on the farm.  It was a fun idea but the overabundance of rain and the bugs have caused me grief.   The tomatoes have not produced well and the beans did only for a little while.  I guess one just has to care for a garden every day to get a good end product.  I’m just a lazy gardener. . . . .

On the good side, we have had a number of red potatoes and there are a couple of watermelons still growing out there.   I’ve harvested a handful of zucchini and cucumbers this year.    The best thing we have gotten was BLUEBERRIES!   We’ve gotten a couple of quarts of the beautiful things this season.  And we planted two more bushes this year so I hope next year will be better yet.

I have frozen as many berries as I could so that I could make a cobbler or crisp from them.  When I do I’ll take a picture so I can share!

The past few weeks it seems as if all we have time to do is mow, mow, mow!   And without the cattle to enjoy the grass our pastures are just as overgrown as the ‘lawn’!   So Troy has been out thee mowing that too!     We may just have to get some more cattle just to keep from spending the diesel on the tractor!   I think Troy misses them just as much as the grass does.   So we will see what we will see.


I thought you might just like to see how the garden is growing.  Most of the plants are filling out nicely.

Squash Cucumber and Watermelon

Squash Cucumber and Watermelon

We’ve had a number of zucchini from it and the beans are getting close to harvest time. The weather has been challenging; we got 6 inches of rain in the past week. I’m concerned about what that is doing . … . It may be why we aren’t getting many tomatoes. The plants as looking a bit puny.

Watermelon and marigolds

Watermelon and marigolds

Last week Troy and I pulled out the lettuce plants since they were bolting.   I then planted more squash in their place:  Yellow, Butternut and Zucchini.  I have to keep the bugs away!   That is my challenge.

Yellow Squash and Zucchini

Yellow Squash and Zucchini

And oh!  Our first two Butternut Squash are growing!  Here is just one. .. the other was camera-shy!   Ha, ha!!!   I can’t wait to see how they taste.   Thanks for stopping by. . . . .

Baby Butternut!

Baby Butternut!

Wow, It’s been so long since I was here I bet you think I forgot about you…well, I almost did. So how’s every little thing? ? ? Have you missed me? No. . . I guess I should not be surprised.  I’m just not a consistent blogger. . . well, not yet at least.  But soon! ! !
I submitted the documents required for my retirement. It’s almost as hard to retire from Uncle Sam as it is to begin working for him! Anyway those are done and now I’m trying to get a small celebration together.  It should be fun.  We have a bluegrass band which will play for us!  Cool, huh?  They are good from the streaming on their website!  I can’t wait.   Parr-teee!
In other news, we have picked up a foster dog for a little while and maybe I can get a picture or two out of him and Thomas together. He’s a big English Springer Spaniel who is full of puppy energy and ready to learn what his new “fur-ever” people need him to learn. . . His name is Percy and he knows that is his name!  He’s quite good with Thomas although there was an initial adjustment between them.  Percy is only 3 and Thomas is now 7 so he’s still the man in my heart, besides Troy of course!!!   They are both velcro-dogs and must be in the same room with me; they might miss something if they don’t, you know!

I’ve only planted a very small garden this year.  It’s the first I’ve tried green beans and they are doing well. . . I’ve loved green beans since I can remember, so they will be a repeat next year (and then some!)  I only have a few tomato plants, green pepper and a few sunflowers for fun!   I know I”m late with the rest, but I hope to get the squash and cukes in this week.  Maybe we will be lucky and miss the bugs this way. . . . but I doubt it. . . .

Thanks for reading and I WILL be back sooner than a few months. . . I retire in July so I’ll have a few hours each week to catch up with all . . .

Okay Okay I’ve been absent from my blog for far too long!  Please forgive . . . . or NOT and see where it will get you!!!  LOL I’m just kidding.

So my hubby had a knee replaced in January just at the time I also caught a bad cold. . . . so we were both out of it for a while. . . He’s doing great and doesn’t go back to the doc until July!

I’ve applied and have been approved for retirement in July of this year!  isn’t that exciting. . . Perhaps I’ll have more time to “talk” with my blog-osphere friends. . . . I may have to get rid of that danged Face Book account though. . . or learn to stay off of it so much!

I have not gotten the garden planted because we have a group of girls coming to visit and help us with that.  They are a troop of American Heritage Girls .  Ages vary at elementary and middle school ages. . . .I hope to teach them a bit about seed starting and have them plant a seed in a pot to take home.   That would be after we rake a bit and plant our garden!

There will be beans and tomatoes, zucchini and cabbage. . . I think we’ll plant lettuce and radishes directly in the ground too.  Will post pictures after it’s done!

To the three readers I know of. . . please forgive my writing break.  Or should I say writing block?  It’s very possible.  Things get hectic when all the vegetables begin ripening at the same time. And the heat then gets to me. We have had almost a month of over 90 and 100 degree days. And if I don’t harvest every two days the tomatoes begin to rot right there.  It’s shameful!
These are what I think are called “dog days”. Although I think that has more to do with an astrological phenomenon than the temperature. Canis Major is visible at this time of year. . . .look it up.
So I hibernate and get lazy this time of year. . . of course it’s not always this time of year that I am lazy. . . but it is one of them!   Well we are bothe still working full-time and I have now picked up a new hobby. I took a quilting class and enjoyed it immensely.  I finished a small lap quilt and will post a picture soon.

I know this is short, but beleive me I have plenty of things to write about.  .  .  I’ll just have to sit down and gather thoughts.  Please be patient  I’ll be back!

  Wow, we went from the 70s to the 30s very quickly this weekend.  The poor flowers which were blooming are probably going to lose their flowers. . . I’d hate to have that happen to the lilacs out back.  Guess I’ll just have to cut some and take them to the office tomorrow!  Not a bad idea the more I think about it. 

   I had intended to plant carrot seeds but I think I’ll wait until the temperature warms a bit more.  We did have a nice rain so the ground is quite ready for seed. 

   My sweetie isn’t feeling well.  He stayed home while I went to Mass alone.  It was odd, but gave me a chance to talk to a few folks afterward.  He isn’t the social kind like me and can’t wait to get breakfast after Mass.    Anyway, since we are having our marriage Convalidated in the Catholic Church, I asked about music and what kind of service we could have.  Lots of things to think about and decisions to be made.  We may get to have that party here we’ve been talking about since we bought the farm!

    This weekend has been somewhat quiet.  Picked up the tax documents from the ladies who take care of them for us.  Did some laundry although not as much as I could have.   We will be clothed this week at least!   I should have done more so I have time to do the important things to get the property ready for that party.  I hope it’s not a big rush at the end. . . . but it just may be the way we do things around here! 

     Hope it warms up soon!

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