Household Problem

God Rest the Soul of David Bowie. … .I wasn’t a big fan, but he did a lot for the music world and there were a number of great songs he wrote and recorded. . . .   Time may change me, but I can’t change time. .. .  Change happens in all of our lives at various stages and for a number of reasons.

And so we continue to prepare to turn over the farm to a young couple to  live there and operate.   We are also selling another property, preparing our tax records and attempting to live our lives in the ‘now’.

We have painted the two out buildings and will leave the big barn until it becomes a bit warmer in the year.     We have identified the furniture which will stay at the farm and what will go.   Now we need to go through the boxes of books, clothing, household goods and family memories.    It would be so much easier if we could do all that in warmer weather.   but I’m hoping to convince the man that either providing a bit if heat in the barn or bringing boxes into the house would speed things up!    We will see how that goes.

Our poor doggie, Thomas, has been suffering from some kind of medical problem since about October.   He’s had a cortisone shot and we’ve changed his food with no change.   Went back to the vet today and he recommended another food.   sometimes I wish that dog had a social security number. . . . but then the government does not need to be any more involved in his life than it already is. . ..  I won’t go any further on that.   Anyway I hope something gets better.  Poor guy licks, chews and scratches himself so much, I feel badly for him so I might just start giving him a Benadryl to ease the itch.




This time of year we usually spend getting the farm books together for the dreaded tax payment and buying seeds and other things for the garden. We are doing a few things differently. My sweetie Troy has had a knee replaced and we are pretty much concentrating on his recovery. Perhaps after tomorrow morning I’ll be able to get the farm books together. And maybe I’ll even be able to plant a few seed transplants.   Keeping the house in order and making sure he’s comfortable and things are clean is a full-time job!
I have come to appreciate several things. 1) Full use of my arms and legs. Seeing people in the hospital with new knees and hips pained me, although medical technology can do amazing things! 2) The tools which can make life with challenges a bit easier.  As I get older I realize that there may be a time when I will need some “help” to reach things and move around better.  There are all kinds of cool things to help with that.  3)  Fulltime caretakers and stay-at-home mothers have a full-time job!  It just amazes me how much one has to do to keep up with the needs of others.  When do these folks have time to use the bathroom or have lunch themselves?  After Troy and I got home from his first Physical Therapy appointment, I ran out with a list of about 8 things to do.  Between getting paperwork from the doctor for insurance, medicine, and other needs I realized when I got home I had not eaten lunch!  I was plumb worn out!

This has also been a practice run at retirement.  Here is my take on that:  I have to make sure my husband is healthy!  If he’s underfoot the entire time he will drive me crazy!  I need to be able to use that new sewing room and I haven’t seen the inside of it once the entire week.  I’ve got to get out there. .. .

I will have plenty of things to do between going through the house and de-cluttering it, cooking more often and sewing I will have plenty to do.  There is also the barn and storage area I need to clean out.   That will take some time.  Once all those things are done I can begin volunteer work at a nursing facility or maybe the local library.  There is plenty to do and I look so forward to it!

I went North to look at and coordinate work on a condominium we own in Maryland.  The previous tenants didn’t care how they left it.  As I walked through I wondered more than once if they knew where to buy cleaning products.  How can anyone treat someone else’s property like that?  It was somewhat painful to see.  I was in tears more than once.

But I do think that with a few coats of paint, new carpet, flooring, new appliance and cleaning it will be ready for real caring tenants to rent.   I will engage a rental agent to check on it on occasion.  The difficulty was the distance.  It will be worth having a local company who will manage it for us.  We have a good amount of equity in it and we’d like to keep it for a while longer.

Other than that.  I visited with a lady who has lived on the second floor since we first bought.  She is a delight and has her son living with her now.  He’s probably my age and had been through a bad divorce and was unemployed for a while.  He is as nice as she is and was very helpful in obtaining access to an inner storage area.  The train ride both ways was, as always, interesting and fun.   I made a new friend who I hope will call me and come see the farm.  If not I can visit her at the local thrift shop in Southern Pines.  I can imagine the nice things at a place like that!  The people who donate to that thrift shop probably have the best things!

It is always great to be back home, isnt’ it?  This is the fall season and I should be planting the winter garden next week.  I hope to be back to blogging about real farm things. . . . thank you for bearing with me as I had this change of pace!  See at the fence for our next  “issue”!

   Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks?  You know. . . your man goes to Europe without you. . .  you fall out of bed trying to hit your snooze button. . . Your dog runs away (more than once!). . . and you almost kill your pepper plants from underwatering? 

  I was successful at feeding and watering the cattle with a bit of help from neighbor Mona.  Thank you Mona! ! !  And thank you for taking care of my stupid dog, who wrecked the sliding screen door trying to get back into the hosue during a horrible thunder storm!   Oh, yeah that door won’t be going back on the frame. . . DH was not happy about that one. 

   Well, I’m so glad it is another week.  Another Sunday in which to blog and share a little bit of our lives with you.   And oh yes, in this nearly end of July in the Carolinas. . . our air conditioning unit is on the fritz. . . It attempts to cool us, but it’s just not as cool as it was last week. . .  DH reminded me that we did get a home owners insurance policy. 

     Perhaps the next time I write we will be a bit cooler (artifitially speaking!).  Have a wonderful week all!

Since we have lived in this house, I have smelled something wrong in the kitchen. Often it smells like something died under or behind a cabinet and sometimes it’s not bad at all. It is worse when the weather is warm. 
I believe I have solved the mystery, but I don’t know how to get rid of the smell. Someone before us must have allowed an onion to go bad inside the island cabinet. The smell permeates the plywood.
Please dearest readers, what do I do to rid the cabinette of the smell?
I’ve heard that charcoal can help, but how does one use it?
Rescue me please. . . .