Happy 2016.   Apparently WordPress decided to ‘replay’ some of my old blog posts.   Maybe that means I need to write more current blogs!

Lots of things going on at the farm.   We were expecting nasty weather when that storm came through.   Baltimore and NYC got much more than we did, but we did get a bit of ice and a dusting of snow.   I had a bit of trouble negotiating on it but the dog enjoyed it and the ‘ladies’ seemed to do fine.


        Ah life is good. . . the sun shone  brightly most of the day.  But boy has it been windy! 

        DH bought more round bales and because the trailer held only so much e had to make two trips for it.   For some strange reason he gave the cattle a lot of stock feed today.   We have them separated into two herds now.  Boys and girls with their babies.  So each of them got a 50 bag of feed!  Dang I bet they were really happy to see him! 

        Lately I have been helping out at the local community college on weekends.  They are just starting a Sustainable Agriculture course during the days.  Unfortunately I cannot attend yet, but I took a number of non-credit courses from them and the instructor knows I want to learn more.   So he has asked the school if he could hire me to help on weekends.  The young plants and just seeded ones need daily water and the school is closed on weekends.  Since I’m less than 10 minutes from the school and it doesn’t take long.  I don’t mind and maybe I’ll get a little bit of the harvest!    One thing I also learn is how he has them plant their veggies, fruit trees, etc.    And it will keep my fingers in the class so once I retire I can slide into class easily!    

     In our own late garden,  I harvested some fresh broccoli last week and it was great!  I love it really fresh.   we should plant more next fall!  I hope that this batch still lives a while longer so we can get another harvest from it! 

     We have a short trip we are taking and when we return I’ll be planting the seeds for our veggie garden.   I hope to have a few different things this year to include luffahs and pole beans.  I also hope to plant more of the things we’ve had before! 


Nearly every weekday morning, my buddy Thomas and I walk from the back porch to the end of the driveway. It’s close to a quarter mile so it is a nice way to wake up in the morning. Thomas has plenty of time to do what he has to do and as a benefit he gets to sniff out all the good smells that might be out there.
On Tuesday morning the sky was unusually clear. Most summer days are so humid that the sky has at least a haze about it. so there are not often many stars to be seen.
But Tuesday was very nice. I could see Casiopea, the constellation, Cyrus, The Swan and the Pleiades, The Seven Sisters. Even one “arm” of the Milky Way was visible in the morning sky.

Wow, we had all three of our babies within the past two weeks. We must not hve written down the breeding date correctly becasue we didn’t expect them until December! But hey when babies are born it is a wonderful event. So it doesn’t matter when it occurs. They appear to be healthy so that is good also. The newest is still getting accustomed to it’s surroundings. I hope they all get along. . . .

We bought this piece of America in 2008, added buildings, made improvements and raised a few head of cattle.   In the past few months we have been painting, culling out ‘stuff’ for donations and moving some items to the townhouse on the coast.

Since my sweetie retired in August 2014, we have decided that working on the farm daily will ‘interfere’ with our traveling plans.    So we thought and prayed about it a while.   Then we asked a young couple we know if they would be interested in renting and living on the farm.    They thought about it and accepted!

So we are in the process of preparing the house, barns and tools for them to move in and take over.    There will be items to donate, items to move and things to take to the recycle facility.    We have already painted the office and the front run-in shed to match the red barns.   They look great from the road.     The office used to be my sewing room.

The run in shed was for the cattle.    This fall we put them all in the back pasture, let the front  grass grow high and cut it for hay.    Now we have enough hay for the entire winter (we hope).    So some of it is no stored in the run in sheds in front.   Keeps it out of the rain.    And boy have we had that this year!    More work is needed but this is a good start and it gives the farm a great curb appeal.

More later!   Happy New Year!

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