The weather this summer has been a scorcher. .. . . We have 4 head of cattle grazing on the pastures and I hope they find every shady spot that is available to them!!    There is Prince Leo our bull, Burger Boy our steer (yes I named him after the fast food joint in the movie Overboard!) and two ladies I call Ethel and Lucy.

We are hoping that Leo has fathered a couple of head of cattle by the last two.   I think Lucy is definitely pregnant, although we aren’t sure about Ethel.   We’ll let him keep trying!      I’m sure he’s enjoying that part of his duties. . . ..

Otherwise we are getting ready to start painting buildings on the farm.   We need to repair the power washer for our first step.   The buildings should be as clean as possible or the paint won’t stay in place.    The two story bard is really in need of more paint.   I hope it’s the last one we do since we’ll have to rent scaffolding to get up that high.

I’m still quilting and have so many projects started that I am embarrassed to say.   But I’ll be finishing them soon (yeah right)!    I am also working on some charity quilts too .    AND I’m crocheting for the local Catholic Church ministry.

We may be taking a camping trip in the fall as soon as the heat decides to head South!     I hope your summer is going well so far.


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